Drake and Josh shaped our generation like I’m 99.99% sure that this show is the reason I’m so sarcastic.


You just got floor tickets to eminem’s new tour for MMLP2. You’re so excited you put your favorite eminem shirt you deck you’re self all out in everthing representing him. You go to the concert and patiently wait for him to come on stage. Your right infront amazed at the giant stage and stadium full of fans screaming and crying. Finaly the music starts. People go nuts and your trying to contain your energy. ‘Guess who’ people chant ‘shady’ as loud as possible and he appeares. And finaly you see the man who saved you, he’s right above you singing a song that saved you from ending your life. You’re awe struck and he looks out over the crowd and he looks directly at you and points singing to you for a split second then walks to the other side of the stage … just imagine. ..



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' She quit dreaming a long time ago, she stopped believing in love and hope when he turned his back on her. Now she sits alone everyday with cheeks soaked in tears and a lit cigarette, she can't help smile because her memories are still real to her. Shes trying not to forget him, when he gives her every reason to'

My story

Not that anyone one would care but I guess I’ll tell my story.

I wasn’t always a suicidal, mentally unstable, dumbass kid when I was little I had a perfect family
Then my dad started to do drugs and drink so mom left him, soon met Barry. My step father to this day. My dad became an alcoholic and met Jen. By this time about 10 when life goes down hill I meet a boy at one of my dads house parties his name was Ronny. I loved him. We dated for 2 years and shit happened we fought and I fought with my step mom. My dad then told me I was a disgrace and he was a shamed of me. I believe from this moment on I turned to boys to fill a void my dad left. Like I need a guy in my life or I will seriously end my life because of the overwhelming feeling of worthlessness. Well on to my moms side. My dad left my life so I lived with my mom witch was okay until the abuse to me and her started. To this day I wear sweatshirts and pants in 95 degree weather to hide bruises. I can deal with getting beat. One time I cut my wrist an he poured assitone nail polish remover down them. You don’t know pain till that happens. After that I became addicted to Vicodin and OxyContin I cut every day and smoked 2 packs a day. I was a wreck I needed help and no one cared then I met Dylan and Jon. They were my best friends an they helped me. The thing was I feel inlove with both of them. Me and Jon dated then I left him and had a relationship with Dylan. But within a year Dylan fix every thing. He helped me so fucking badly and he has no clue. But 2 months ago his mom passed away and on the day she died he told me it was over. Do you know what I’ve done to my self since then…. He wasn’t just a high school crush. He wasnt just a boy. But I can give him full credit Jon was there every step of the way even when I dated Dylan Jon was there not in a bad way just a friend. 11months and this man hasn’t given up on me yet
I love Jon… I miss Dylan.
Life goes on

You have no idea how much this man means to me